All eligible Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County residents wishing to participate in this new recycling program MUST register for the service and the new 95 gallon cart. If households are already participating in the recycling program currently offered by SWDA, they still must register for the new service.

What if I have a bin? Do I still need to sign up for a cart?

Yes. The old program with the bins concluded on July 31, 2019, and the bins are no longer being picked up. RANA is a opt-in recycling program and ALL interested participants will need to sign up for service. If residents did not sign up to receive a cart and still wish to participate, they can sign up by clicking HERE.

What if I have a bin currently or I have recently requested one, do I still need to sign up for a cart?

Yes. RANA is a new opt-in recycling program and ALL interested participants will need to sign up for serviceIf residents did not sign up to receive a cart by June 28 and wish to participate, they can still sign up by clicking here

When will I receive my cart?

You must sign up to the RANA program in order to receive a cart. We are now delivering carts on a rotating schedule for all first and second cart requests. Allow up to 4-6 weeks from the time of registration to receive your recycling cart. If you have a question regarding your registration or if after 6 weeks you still have not received your cart, please contact us at or call our office at (256) 801-2278. Carts are Delivery Only and are not allowed to be picked up at this time.

What can I put in my cart?

RANA’s goal is to obtain clean recyclable materials that continue to have an end user market in our area. Therefore, RANA will ONLY accept #1 and #2 narrow-neck plastic bottles, aluminum and steel bi-metal cans, clean paper products, and flattened cardboard that fits in the cart (cut down to size, if necessary). View the guide HERE.

When will I know my pickup schedule?

Carts will be delivered with a flyer containing the pickup day of the month attached. An address lookup feature will be added to the website soon as well. You can click here to see a printable 2021 calendar.

What time of day do I need to have my recycling at the curb?

Carts should be on the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Drivers can collect as late as 8pm. If your cart was not collected on your scheduled collection day, please use the contact form on our website or to call (256) 801-2278 within the next 3 business days to schedule a service request.

Will this new program cost me anything?

No. Residents are not currently charged for the recycling program and this will not change with RANA. SWDA will continue to fund the program for residents.

What agency will run RANA?

RANA will be managed by the Solid Waste Disposal Authority of the City of Huntsville (SWDA).

Will there be changes to what is collected?

Yes. Motor oil and household batteries will no longer be collected curbside. The new Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility, located at 1055 A Cleaner Way in Huntsville, accepts these materials, and other household hazardous waste. The HHW facility is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and provides a convenient, drive-thru service for residents of Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County. Weekend drop-off locations are also provided through HHW Community Collection Events (CCE’s). Visit HHW for schedule of upcoming Community Collection Events near you.

Why will the new program be monthly and not our current weekly pickup?

The monthly program is more sustainable by increasing the container size and the service area, and reducing the time trucks spend on our roads by decreasing the collection frequency.

What do I do with my old 18-gallon bin?

If you have an 18-gallon bin that you would like to recycle, please place it inside your new cart. If you would like to keep your old bin, you are welcome to do so. They can be used for storage, organization, or even as a planter.

How will the change benefit our community?

This will reduce traffic in our neighborhoods, wear and tear on equipment and roads, and emissions from collection equipment.

What if I am physically unable to move my cart to the curb?

Please contact us at (256) 801-CART (2278).

Can I Drop off Items?

We have compiled a list of known recyclers in our area who accept items at their locations. Click HERE to see those locations and the items they accept. 

How do I request a second cart?

Additional carts are coming soon. We realize some of you may have more materials to recycle than your cart will hold.

We would first ask you to consider:

  • Reducing the amount of materials you consume.
  • Reusing or repurposing as much as you can.
  • Recycle only those items listed as acceptable.
  • Make room in your cart by flattening or collapsing all boxes. 
  • Crush plastic bottles and aluminum cans. 
  • No liquids should be in your cart. 
  • Keep lids closed to keep out rain and windblown debris such as leaves.


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Recycling has grown consistently throughout the years and establishing this program is another significant step in making the City of Huntsville, City of Madison and Madison County more sustainable places to live.