Request a Second Cart

Thank you for participating in the Recycling Alliance of North Alabama’s curbside recycling program. We have seen huge successes in the number of new households that are now recycling, which shows a commitment from our program participants.

We have listened to residents and want to work with everyone to ensure this program has continuous success. With that, we understand that some households recycle more materials than others and run out of room in the 95-gallon carts. We want to accommodate these households and provide a second cart for their overflow of recyclable materials. But first, we are requesting all households follow the steps below.

While there are households that do recycle more than others, we have also seen a wide array of carts with items that cannot be accepted or are full due to items not being broken down or crushed. In an effort to reduce contamination and provide households with useful tips on how to break down items to make more room in their carts, we have created an educational video.

image of RANA recycling cart outside a residence
For all households who would like to request a second cart, we ask that you please follow the three steps below.
  1. Watch this short educational video.
  2. Take the quiz.
  3. Complete the “Request a Second Cart Form”.