HUNTSVILLE, AL. – The Recycling Alliance of North Alabama (RANA) began Phase Four cart deliveries this week for residents who signed up for the program from October 6, 2019 through January 16, 2020. Deliveries for this phase will last a few weeks since there was a high number of signups.

“We are thrilled that so many residents continue to sign up for the program and we are seeing huge successes in the first six months. In phase four, approximately 3,000 residents signed up, which shows positive momentum for our program and the direction we are headed,” said Doc Holladay, Executive Director of SWDA.

With approximately 69,000 households now in the program, RANA is looking at ways to help residents who have called in seeking additional carts.

“While we get requests from residents fairly often about the possibility of receiving an additional cart, we want them to know that we are listening and working on a solution to share with residents soon,” said Holladay. 

The Recycling Alliance of North Alabama (RANA) is an opt-in monthly curbside recycling service funded by the Solid Waste Disposal Authority of the City of Huntsville that was launched in August of 2019. For more information about the program or how to sign up for a cart, please visit or call (256) 801-CART.

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